TLFI® - Total Lock Fittings Inc.

Bolt, beam and wedge scaffolding clamps, now being used extensively in industrial and commercial markets worldwide.

Strength, Durability, Quality

Manufacturing Excellence Since 1999

Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®) line is proudly manufactured in North America, using only the highest quality components and adhering to strict quality control guidelines. Compliance with extensive quality assurance procedures and full traceability of all components ensures only the highest level of build quality and durability. Available in stock and custom lengths, Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®) line incorporates a custom profile, increasing strength and structural stability.

Our Product Range

Wedge couplers allow for faster set-up and disassembly, while ensuring a secure connection.

We carry right angle and swivel clamps, currently being used extensively throughout North America

Total Lock Fittings line of Bolt Clamps includes Right Angle and Swivel Pipe Clamps, appropriate for use with steel or

Our Features

Proudly manufactured in Surrey, B.C., Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®) automated facility is capable of roll forming 9″ wide steel planks, assembled with bolt-on, or welded hooks. A large inventory of raw material allows Scaffold Depot to manufacture a variety of custom sizes and styles on short notice. Stock sizes are available immediately upon request.
We strive to develop new procedures to increase manufacturing distribution and marketing efficiencies, ensuring Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®) is able to offer competitive pricing while maintaining the high standards demanded by our customers. Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®) has entered into a cooperative agreement with an ISO registered manufacturing partner to develop a complete line of Wedge Couplers with worldwide exclusivity.
We ship worldwide! Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®) offers manufacturer direct, container load quantities and pricing, meticulous, professional customer service and the highest quality production standards.
Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®) offers a wide range of products and services for industrial capital projects, maintenance and new construction projects across North America. Of primary importance in any project is safety. Working directly with our customers we have developed a commitment to provide safe, durable, quality, products that meet all applicable industry regulations and standards.

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