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Worldwide Shipping

Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®) offers a wide range of products and services for industrial capital projects, maintenance & new construction projects across the globe.

Innovative Shipping Procedures

Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®) has implemented a shipping procedure that has evolved over the years, but being required to recently ship 20 loads of Scaffold across Canada, we felt we should add additional controls to help ensure no errors are made. Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®) generates a Bundle Count for each of our orders and as it is picked, each bundle has to be tagged, photographed, and signed off by the Shipper, as well as double-counted and signed by another party. Both Shippers that count and tag bundles are required to sign again on this form, and then the folk-lift driver who is loading the truck also is required to confirm each lift. Lastly, the loaded truck receives a final inspection with each bundle being signed off on and photographed.

Global Reach

Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®) proudly extends its services to customers worldwide, transcending geographical boundaries to deliver exceptional solutions. With the ability to ship worldwide, Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®) ensures that its high-quality products and services are accessible to clients across the globe. Whether you’re in North America, Europe, Asia, or anywhere else, Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®) commitment to excellence knows no bounds. This global reach, combined with the company’s dedication to providing manufacturer direct options and container load quantities and pricing, empowers clients with cost-effective solutions and reliable access to top-tier products.

Professional Customer Service

Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®) takes pride in offering meticulous and professional customer service that sets industry standards. Whether you have questions about product specifications, need assistance with shipping logistics, or require personalized guidance for your specific project, Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®) team of experts is readily available to assist. Every interaction with Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®) is characterized by attention to detail, responsiveness, and a commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction. It’s this unwavering dedication to service that distinguishes Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®) as a trusted partner in the global marketplace.
Industry Leader in the Manufacture of Scaffolding Systems

Manufacturing Excellence Since 1999

Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®) line is proudly manufactured in North America, using only the highest quality components and adhering to strict quality control guidelines. Compliance with extensive quality assurance procedures and full traceability of all components ensures only the highest level of build quality and durability. Available in stock and custom lengths, the Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®) line incorporates a custom profile, increasing strength and structural stability.

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