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Quality Assurance begins with purchasing and Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®) has high expectations of our suppliers.

We know that our supplier relationships directly influences our ability to provide a quality product and professional service to our customers.

It is for this reason that Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®) made a solid decision from early on to acknowledge the importance of developing strong working relationships with a select few manufacturers of products not manufactured in-house. These long-term relationships have been maintained because of the direct influence this has on our ability to build trust in quality products and provide professional service to our customers. Our long-term supplier relationships have enabled us to develop a clearly defined list of quality criteria for the products to be supplied to Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®). It is this continuity of relationships that will allow for the continuous exchange of information to contribute to an ever-improved product and service quality. Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®) is compliant with the various international standards applicable to our customer requirements and conducts all of its Product Testing using industry-approved testing Agencies.


Even if great care is taken to ensure products are ordered correctly and that only approved vendors are used; never can you assume that a product is correct. It’s incredibly important that any defects are caught early before materials are used in manufacturing or shipped to customers. Material Receiving Inspection reports have been implemented and are required to be completed whenever a new shipment is received at Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®). They range from deck components, extrusions, clamps, ring system, access frames, worm pins, and so on. The inspection reports include all basic measurements that need to be recorded, and any ares that need visually inspected for each component. These inspections will be covered in great detail as we continue through the presentation.

Production and Traceability

Production QA lies in conducting appropriate in-process inspections to ensure that components are manufactured within set parameters, and that diligence is exercised at all stages of the assembly process. Working with the manufacturing management and supervisors, Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®) identified areas where inspections are required and implemented reports that are to be completed at set intervals, as well as final inspections.

After materials have been ordered and received, and manufacturing is complete, third-party testing is required to ensure that components meet all applicable specifications and industry standards

Third-party testing enables Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®) to hold suppliers accountable for the products that we order, as well as confirm for our customers that our products also meet all requirements. Third-party testing can also be considered part of the verification process. The only difference being that every component received by Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®) is not subject to testing. Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®) will be implementing parameters at which components need to be sent for third-party testing as the standard operating procedures for each product are developed. These parameters will be based on new products, proven product performance.
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Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®) line is proudly manufactured in North America, using only the highest quality components and adhering to strict quality control guidelines. Compliance with extensive quality assurance procedures and full traceability of all components ensures only the highest level of build quality and durability. Available in stock and custom lengths, the Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®) line incorporates a custom profile, increasing strength and structural stability.

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