Innovative Manufacturing Process

Industry Leading Quality Assurance

Innovative Manufacturing Process

The importance of being able to manufacture new products in-house allows us to respond in a professional and expedient manner to inquiries made by our customers.

In order to continue growth of Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®), we recognize the importance of developing new working relationships with manufacturers & the development of new products to be manufactured in-house by Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®).

The importance of being able to manufacture new products in-house allows us to respond in a professional and expedient manner to inquiries made by our customers. An example would be the flexibility of being able to manufacture on short notice custom sizes and design of products such as Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®) Work Platforms. Often industrial demands for scaffold products have short timelines that are not conducive to purchasing from offshore suppliers. Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®) with its manufacturing capabilities has the ability to manufacture and ship products on short notice across Canada and the United States.

Industry Competitive Costs & Availability

As a manufacturer of a number of scaffold products, Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®) has been able to reduce the final cost of these products by manufacturing them in-house. Buying locally reduces shipping timelines and freight costs. Offshore freight pricing may be increased due to the rise in the price of oil. Automation has allowed Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®) to remove a portion of the labour costs incurred when building scaffolding components. This has made Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®) manufactured products costs more in line with offshore manufacturers. Short delivery timelines prevent downtime on large construction sites where this labour downtime can be costly.

Strong Network of Supplier Relationships

Consistency is a major factor in the Quality Assurance Process. Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®) acknowledges the importance of developing strong working relationships with a select few manufacturers of products we could not manufacture in-house ourselves. Long-term supplier relationships enable a partnership to develop that clearly defines the quality aspects of the products to be supplied to Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®). The continuity of our relationships allows for the exchange of information to improve product and service quality in addition to amicable settlement of any disputes that may arise. Working in partnership, joint efforts improve quality, reduce costs, and increases market share for both parties.

Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®) has expanded its production to include:

  • Steel Planks
  • Toeboards
  • Steel Top Decks

This ability to manufacture provides the equipment and manpower to work on projects such as the gap-filler and collapsible toeboard initiated.

International Standard Compliance

Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®) is compliant with the various international standards applicable to our customer requirements. Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®) conducts all its product testing using industry-approved testing agencies.
Industry Leader in the Manufacture of Scaffolding Systems

Manufacturing Excellence Since 1999

The Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®) line is proudly manufactured in North America, using only the highest quality components and adhering to strict quality control guidelines. Compliance with extensive quality assurance procedures and full traceability of all components ensures only the highest level of build quality and durability. Available in stock and custom lengths, the Total Lock Fittings Inc. (TLFI®) line incorporates a custom profile, increasing strength and structural stability.

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