Right Angle Bolt Clamp

TLFI Tube to Shore Swivel Clamp are used to attach tube (48mm) to post shore (76mm) at any degree angle. Swivel post shore clamps are great for using with tube to make bracing to stabilize post shores.


TLFI Right-Angle Bolt Clamps are a little bit more flexible ( then wedge clamps ) on tubing sizes for doing tube to tube or tube to frame applications.

Total Lock Fittings Inc line of Bolt Clamps includes Right Angle and Swivel Pipe Clamps, appropriate for use with steel or aluminum tubing, and Right Angle and Swivel Beam Clamps, to create secure connections between Pipe and Beam.

Bolt Clamps are hot-dipped galvanized to prevent rust and corrosion, and ensure long life and durability.

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3 lbs